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Honest, Prompt, Courteous, Quality Service. With A Smile!!!

Computerized Receipts With Service History Using Hi-Tech Software!!!

We Know Your Computer!!! Over 11000 Computers Serviced!!!


   MindPride's pride as a professional is to have our shop equipped with the latest State-of-the-Art diagnostic tools.

   The shop is fully computerized, all the way to the Memory and Data Recovery machines. MindPride also keeps computerized records of all your computers history.

   We are the best in the business, making sure that we prevent or solve each and every problem you may encounter in any situation.


Here Are Some Of Our Benefits:

  • Immediate Availability. Immediate connection to our staff during business hours — no automated routing system, no waiting on hold.

  • No Surprises - No work is performed without your approval and we adhere to our estimates. When it comes to diagnostic tests, minor services or repairs, we can perform most of them while you wait. All we ask is that you call us to set up an appointment, so that we can get your issues serviced quickly and efficiently.

  • Honesty - Only the necessary work or service is performed. Anything unnecessary will never be done.

  • Integrity -  We hold integrity to be our way of conducting business, no matter how small or how large your business may be, or what your business may be.

  • Respect - One of the most overlooked items in the auto service field

  • Competitive Prices for Exceptional Service

  • Detailed Explanation of Repairs and Services

  • Personalized Service To us you are not just another repair ticket, you are a Client in every sense of the word! You deal directly with only the best in every stage of the repair, and will be aware at all times of what is happening and why.

  • Above All—Empathy! We are very much aware of how unexpected repair bills can put a dent in your budget. We will let you know the items that might need immediate attention and the ones that can wait for a next appointment. We care about you as well as your computer problems.

  • We don't want you to be a "one time Client" Even though most of our clients have very little problems in the future (Due to our Company Preventive Maintenance Policy), we want you to become a Client and Friend for years to come. It's the personalized level of service that keeps most of our customers coming back to us. We can also save you a great deal of money over any Manufacturers prices, throughout the year, in all your computer repairs or services.

  • Senior and Military Discount

  • High Quality & Original Parts (Not Refurbished). Defective Part Return Policy

  • If parts were replaced, They will be kept at hand and our consultants will gladly show them to you.

    Our goal is to provide the highest quality of computer repair services and Client satisfaction. Central to our success is our drive to provide high-quality repairs in a timely manner at a fair price. Equally, we strive to create a convenient and pleasant experience for our valued Clients and provide answers to all their questions, not only their important ones.



If for any reason, other than price, you are not satisfied with our work once it is completed, we offer 2 options:

1. Fix the problem at no additional cost
2. Refund service fees paid (up to 25% of original Price)


MindPride guarantees you will not pay twice for the exact same work.

MindPride guarantees on-site response time will be within one hour (plus travel time) when requested.


If we return to your site to repeat work already performed, there will be no charge for the additional work.

If we miss the one hour on-site response time, you only have to pay the regular response rate.


Contact Us

 Feel free to call us at
(407) 967-2323

Or Email Us

 with any questions you might have or to set up an appointment.

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