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Online Tech Support

  • AskMe.com
    Q&A forum.  Follow the directory tree to find a specialist in your field.

  • expertcity.com
    Live experts can see the tech problem on your monitor and guide you through the solution by phone and markups onscreen.  Works with Windows only.  There is a fee per question.

  • MyHelpdesk.com
    Browse through a huge range of information and personalize the look.  Animated message boards and extensive databases.

  • Service911.com
    Live chat, how-to guides and video tutorials.

  • TechKnow-How.com
    Small businesses can get help through text chat, email, or callback from a technician.  Access to support database and message board is free.  There is a small monthly fee for live help.


The White House

The United States Senate

The US House of Representatives

The US Supreme Court



Office of Homeland Security

Smithsonian Institution

The Library of Congress National Archives
Bureau of Engraving and Printing US Mint
Donald Rumsfeld

Liberty Bell

Statue of Liberty



Other Interesting Sites

Manta Cars Airborne Rangers
BBC Motorsport CNN
Jaguar Bentley


The Drudge Report


How Stuff Works

The Vatican

William Taylor Murder

Ask Jeeves

Social Security Death Index

Thomas Edison Birthplace

Solanus Casey Guild

Frank Llyod Wright Foundation

Nikola Tesla Society


D.A.R.P.A  Building the Future of America's Military

Ever wonder who comes up with all the cool  new military technology? These Guys Do: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Acting as the central research facility for the Department of Defense, their web site is a fascinating look into the future of Military Action.

DARPA is divided up into these major sections

D.A.R.P.A  Their Homepage
ATO Advanced Technology Office. Adapts present and future technology to Military Use.
DSO Defense Sciences Office. Scientific and Engineering Research
ITO Information Technology Office. Intelligent software, safer networks, and all things related to the computer.
IXO Information Exploitation Office. Integrating sensor information to created automated targeting.
MTO Microsystems Technology Office. Researching Micro-machines and sensors.
SPO Special Projects Office. Everything from tracking moving objects underground to developing a better defense against bio-attacks.
TTO Tactical Technology Office. Un-manned Tactical vehicles, space defense

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